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Watch This Police Officer React To An Overly Friendly Kitten That Tries To Interrupt His Job

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A cute video making the rounds of cat lovers on social media shows what happens when a kitten tries to distract a police officer during a routine traffic stop. The whole incident was captured on the officers dash cam, so there is no sound, but there is plenty of visual evidence of the kittens antics.

At first, you see the officer writing a ticket. Pretty boring stuff. But theres also a little black kitten approaching quickly, with its tail held high. A high tail like that shows that the cat is feeling alert, inquisitive and happy, and as the video goes on, you see just how happy the kitten really feels.

Its wearing a collar, so this kitten belongs to someone, rather than being a feral kitten. While the officer keeps trying to go about his business there, ignoring the kitten, it decides to take matters into its own hands, or rather, paws. This kitten will not be ignored and put off.

The officer continues to handle the situation with aplomb, and a great degree of detachment. With the way this kitten behaves, youd think hed start getting rather frustrated. This little cat is doing nothing but proving that its very good at making his job take longer than it needs to. But its almost like the kitten is the most minor of minor distractions, and the officer goes about his ticket writing despite the kittens best efforts.

Watch the video, below to see what happens:

H/T 3 Million Dogs | Featured image via screengrab

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    I have cats like that.

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    Id not get thru that without laughing so hard, Id hurt myself. I need to see your license Me: *laughing*

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