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WATCH: To Wear Make Up Or Not? Check Out Amy Schumers Side Splitting Parody Here (VIDEO)

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There are certain things that women deal with that most men wont even think of having to deal with. Unless a (heterosexual) guy is on the nightly news or playing with a local metal band, odds are he wont need to apply much make-up during their lifetime. Exceptions being covering a black eye or maybe a pimple. But outside of that, make- up has traditionally been a womans domain.

Whether to wear make up, or how much to wear is something my wife deals with on a daily basis as do millions of other women. In this parody of boy bands, from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer Amy struggles with that classic question. The song plays off the One Direction song Beautiful and tells the tale of a girl being pursuaded to let her natural beauty out by losing the make-up. Then when she does, opinions change. I dont want to spoil too much, so …

Watch the side-splitting clip HERE:

Unfortunately women are daily caught in this trap where they must choose between being themselves and pleasing others. Underneath all this fun and funny is the serious message that women should be allowed to be who they are. And as life has taught many, being honest and comfortable with oneself is the first step to finding the people who find you beautiful.

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