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Watch What Happens When Cowardly Navy SEAL Faker Is Confronted By Two REAL Army Rangers (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.19
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A man was caught on video trying to steal valor by pretending to be a Navy Seal, the only problem was…he was confronted by two very real Army Rangers.

(Note to self: lying about being something youre not never ends well.)

The five-minute long video posted to LiveLeak begins with an unidentified man waiting outside for someone from inside a bar or club to come out and fight him. Nearby, two Army Rangers who happen to be waiting for their Uber to pick them up, approach the guy who is waiting to fight and start interrogating him.

As the footage continues, one of the men asks the clearly naive dude why he is so confident that he can take on a potential contender in a street brawl. According to IJReview, the Army Ranger asked:

Why do you think you can take him? Whats your competitive edge? Im just curious, do you do training? Are you jiu jitsu, do you do striking? Hes got some size on you, are you just more aggressive?

The guy then replies with:

I was in the SEALs.

Not convinced, the two Rangers decide to really drill him with questions about his previous experience as a Navy Seal. They start by asking the guy simple questions like, What year did you serve, and Where did you deploy? He confidently replies with: two years and Afghanistan. Then one of the men asks him if he had received a Trident after becoming a Navy SEAL and the guy says he never received one, but he was attached to the SEAL team Artillery.

The two men dont buy it, and not knowing that the men are Army Rangers, the guy proceeds to dig himself an even bigger hole when he tells the men, you guys wouldnt know the area of Afghanistan.

The conversation quickly turns into a serious life lesson for the thief. The men finally tell the guy that they are Army Rangers and proceed to rough him up for playing the lying game.

At the end of the footage, the wannabe valor thief shamefully walks away from a fight he knew he wouldnt win and admitted that he lied about being a Navy SEAL…because the Rangers LET HIM walk away.


Watch the video via LiveLeak below. WARNING: Language NSFW

Image via screen captures from LiveLeak video | Montage by If You Only News

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    • Juan Herrera

      And he slapped him like one, too. Priceless.

    • Guest

      Impersonating a military officer is a felony, Pumpkin.

      • circeherbivora

        I think it is only a felony when you use it to actually act like an officer? Much like SAYING youre a doctor to score cool points is pretty scuzzy, but not an offense. Actually practicing medicine on patients is illegal. The guy says he WAS in the SEALS, not that he is one now. So, is he a douche? Yes. A bit. But an actual criminal? Not exactly.

      • Rick Derris

        Its a misdemeanor, and only if youre using it to get some sort of financial benefit from it. See the Stolen Valor Act.

      • Spawn_of_Santa

        I dont recall hearing him claiming to be an officer, just a SEAL…did I miss it?

    • Hagbard Celine

      Karma can be a bitch sometimes.

    • The Mule

      Meh. Drunk bros going aggro on a drunk bro going aggro. Lesson: drunk bros going aggro are cool. Thanks for that brief trip back to highschool nope, still dont think its cool.

    • Rick Derris

      I dont like the guys that dress in uniform and pretend to have served, but this guy was just a drunken idiot. Drunken idiots say stupid stuff.

    • dprkforum

      Somebody at a bar with tall war stories and accomplishments. Yep, thats not uncommon or anything.

    • Raldog2020

      Dude is lucky that he ran into some cool dudes.

    • disqus_cQXJGs9dLt

      I like the way they did this. No pussy sucker punching, 1 guy slapping him from the front, no jumping.

    • bailey78

      Lol that was funny shit.

    • Tom Pryor

      If every drunken idiot who lied about being a Navy SEAL got beat down, then the internet would have to close, too. LOL

    • Heartbeat

      meh, you must have run out of stories

    • suejak

      This is so American. Everything about it, from the military bragging to the kicking your ass for military bragging.

    • RJ

      That guy was also with the CIA in Viet Nam. He was Agent Orange :)

      • Spawn_of_Santa

        Uh oh, now that you know that, he has to kill you.

    • Woody

      Hard to say who is the biggest dick in this parade of dicks, but I may have to go with the Ranger who makes a BFD about a drunk kid who he chooses to engage about why he thinks hell win a fight, then slaps him around when he claims to have been/known/worked with? some navy SEALS. Stolen valor? Oh please. Save that for the guy who puts it on his CV during his Congressional campaign.

    • Michael H

      3:32. Jared is shitting his pants.

    • Sheepeople

      Ifyouonlynews a blog of bullshit promoting bulling by drunks of a drunk as valor. The claim, we are Army Rangers is one hell of claim. What they are is no different than the smaller person they were bullying stupid drunks with no clue what it means to be a man.

    • Aroha

      BIG DEAL why ruin this guys life because of something he said when he was drunk ?

      Dunno why I ever liked this page the usual bunch of Right Wing Murican Rah Rah bullsh*t.

      Outta here !

    • Brian Hayford

      A video of two bullying Rangers going after a smaller and outnumbered target. Im less than impressed with their conduct.
      Clint Eastwood isnt going to make a movie about these assholes now, is he?

    • Spawn_of_Santa

      I was a Navy SEAL..
      No..wait… I KNEW a Navy Seal (O.K., thats actually true…Ive served with several no sarcasm there)
      No…wait…Ive heard of the Navy SEALs…
      No…wait…I think I can spell SEAL…
      No…wait… I can break the seal on a beer can..yeah..thats right….


    • UdonNo

      when youre drunk you should be forgiven for your artistic license … not beat up.

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