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What 3 Punks Did To Her Disgusted Me. What She Did Back Made Me Cheer.

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Dorothy INCHDot” Hendrix was a keno employee seventy-six yrs old, and much more brave than anyone or I’ll actually be. She conned and was accosted beyond her very own house in Sc. On her behalf front-porch, she had been terrorized for that second-time. But exactly what several didn” t’s team understand was this time around… she was prepared for these.

After being conned the very first time in 2011, get educated on the best way to fireplace it, Dot chose to purchase a weapon and acquire a hide and have permit.

After being robbed the first time in 2011, Dot decided to buy a gun, get trained on how to fire it and obtain a conceal and carry permit.

So as she came house at 1am day when several thugs contacted her, she was prepared for these. She was shot double.

So when three thugs approached her as she arrived home at 1am on Saturday morning, she was ready for them. She was shot twice.

Exactly what the robbers didn”to anticipate, although, was on her to take again. The courageous lady were able to take at among her assailants within the belly, but unfortunately perished of her very own injuries while a family member kept her hands.

What the thieves didn

The person she chance, Hagood, is within the clinic. the additional two attackers and also they are now being billed with homicide.

Steven Hagood, the man she shot, is in the hospital. He and the other two assailants are being charged with murder.

It wasn” an arbitrary work that is to. The several crooks prepared to assault her and understood that Dot could be transporting home money.

It wasn

Dorothy”s valor is amazing. Not just do she operate in her final moments regarding himself, but she declined to depart after being conned the area she cherished.


Dorothy declined to back to punks and was courageous. Allow” she is never forgotten by s. Reveal this tale with others.




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