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What Happened To This Backup Dancer Is Horrible, But How Everyone Reacted Is Worse

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at 2017.02.25
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As it pertains to exhibit company, we’ve most noticed folks state that “the display should continue.” If entertainers really are a small underneath the climate, consider the phase they often need certainly to pull it-up, and placed on a display the viewers WOn’t ever overlook.

But what occurred in this efficiency is completely terrible. In the concert’s middle, this take team that was Japanese noticed among their copy performers possess an epileptic seizure, plus in the place of instantly halting to simply help her they chose to proceed the display.

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It was one case-in that the display most surely shouldn’t get eliminated on. It hits my thoughts these individuals — particularly the ballerinas that are other — understood that assist was required by the lady, plus they made a decision to do-nothing. If it’dnot been let her battle.



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