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What You Need To Know About The Amazing Frozen Themed Plane

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at 2016.02.15
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Imagine being able to fly to Disney World on a plane that breathes Frozen inside and out.

Well, a glittery Frozen-themed plane is now an actual thing, and whether or not youre a dedicated Frozen fan, you have to admit it looks pretty cool.

Fans can now take to the skies alongside Anna and Elsa in the Disney inspired aircraft, which was built in partnership with Canadian airline WestJet.

The signature characters of Anna, Elsa and Olaf are magnificently plastered all over the outside of the plane that took painters over 21 days to complete.

The snowy and magical Frozen world begins at the tail of the plane which then leads to Olaf on the front of the airplane enjoying a summers beach day.

Frozen has taken on a whole life of its own since it came out in 2013, and it will now literally fly passengers on 737 different routes.

Check out the extraordinary masterpiece below.

1. The New Frozen Plane


Source: WestJet


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