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Whats Your States Most Popular Cost Of Search On Google? (Its Likely To Be Odd!)

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There are two truths you can certainly hold to be self-evident. Or, self web-ident. Or, maybe just dented and demented? But, any way you look at it, those truths are:

  1. Before purchasing something, we like to know how much it will cost, and
  2. We use the Internet to search for that cost information.

Its what that item might be that could be demented, though.

Fixr contributor Raul, who researched the most popular Google searches for item prices associated with each state, discovered were looking up some straaaange stuff.

The cost of plastic surgery, for example, ranging from breast implants to facelifts, was the most popular cost of search for eight different states. Prostitution holds the lead for two states; not just the sole state of legality, Nevada (where prostitution is allowed in all but four counties), but those searching in or about Connecticut most commonly looked up the cost of hook-ups with hookers, too.

Paternity and maternity issues seem to dominate the south, and in subjects that only contrast with the Bible Belt status of those states. Searching surfers want to know about the costs of DNA tests in Mississippi and Tennessee, for example, while abortion prices were the most searched cost of term for Alabama and Florida.

Others searched most for legal costs, specifically for cases of traffic tickets and DUIs. The cost of beer is most important for two states, and marijuana costs for two others.

Check the map below to see which cost of search was most dominant about your state (and an alphabetical listing is at the close of this posting, too):

Image from Fixr.com

Image from Fixr.com

The data was comprised with simple fill-in searches. For example, how much does * cost in California? instructs Googles search engine to fill in the wildcard asterisk with the most commonly used word in that quoted sentence. Fixr contributor Raul also added the capital cities of the states in his searches.

Heres an alphabetical state-by-state listing of the results:

State Capital Keyword Result
Alabama Montgomery abortion
Alaska Juneau gallon of milk
Arizona Phoenix vasectomy
Arkansas Little Rock breast implants
California Sacramento facelift
Colorado Denver Weed
Connecticut Hartford prostitute
Delaware Dover DUI
Florida Tallahassee abortion
Georgia Atlanta taxi
Hawaii Honolulu gas
Idaho Boise liposuction
Illinois Springfield Day care
Indiana Indianapolis breast implants
Iowa Des Moines Botox
Kansas Topeka marriage license
Kentucky Frankfort Adopt a child
Louisiana Baton Rouge Succession
Maine Augusta State Inspection
Maryland Annapolis DUI
Massachusetts Boston The T
Michigan Lansing Liquor License
Minnesota Saint Paul Taxi
Mississippi Jackson DNA Test
Missouri Jefferson City Build a house
Montana Helena Fishing license
Nebraska Lincoln Keg
Nevada Carson City prostitute
New Hampshire Concord passport
New Jersey Trenton Funeral
New Mexico Santa Fe CDL
New York Albany Pound of weed
North Carolina Raleigh Nose job
North Dakota Bismarck a minor
Ohio Columbus private investigator
Oklahoma Oklahoma City breast lift
Oregon Salem water
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Liquor License
Rhode Island Providence State ID
South Carolina Columbia Liquor License
South Dakota Pierre vasectomy
Tennessee Nashville DNA Test
Texas Austin Nanny
Utah Salt Lake City speeding ticket
Vermont Montpelier cord of wood
Virginia Richmond facelift
Washington Olympia passport
West Virginia Charleston Drill a well
Wisconsin Madison Electricity
Wyoming Cheyenne Keg of beer

(By the way, The T in Massachusetts is the name commonly used for the states public transportation system.)

H/T and Image: Fixr

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