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Why Are The Denver Nuggets Shaking, Before Another NBA Season Even Starts?

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at 2015.12.11
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The official start of NBA basketball begins tonight when the Magic and Pelicans tip off in the Big Easy, and the Mavs and Spurs tangle in Texas. For reasons the team has not chosen to share at this time, it was the Denver Nuggets who took center court today, with what can only loosely be defined as a parody of Taylor Swifts Shake if Off. Its awkwardness is its only attraction; take away the ball, and most of these guys have two left feet.

The Pistons are coming to Denvers Pepsi Center tomorrow night; the players, cheerleaders and team mascot, Rocky the Mountain Lion, got an early warm-up with this … very odd selection that was posted to YouTube earlier today.

H/T: Twitter | Image: YouTube

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