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Wingnut Creationist Claims God Put Dinosaurs In The Bible As Poster Children For Creationism (VIDEO)

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Creationists have a tenuous grasp of realty, and none more than Pastor Brad Shockley, who apparently thinks the Bible proves dinosaurs and dragons lived on the Earth at the same time as humans.

Dinosaurs in 6 days or your money back

Shockley made the claim on Sundays broadcast of Let The Bible Speak.

Now, letting the Bible speak doesnt prove anything. The Bible seems to think its possible to have an evening and a morning without a Sun (Genesis 1:3-5) and plants can photosynthesize if theres no Sun to produce light for them (Genesis 1:14-19). All letting the Bible speak proves is it doesnt need to be talking about matters of science, much like Pastor Shockley.

Shockley, however, lamented the creationist view on dinosaurs was rarely credited by the media. Shockley claimed creationists often have a difficult time convincing others that this is the proper explanation and Genesis teaches that dinosaurs were created on day 5 [and] day 6.

Genesis also teaches the moon rules the night sky, despite spending most of its time moving across the daytime sky, and the stars exist to give light to the Earth, despite only a vanishingly small faction of them being visible to the naked eye.

The Pastor noted humans were also created on day 6, and that proves humanity shared this world with the dinosaurs and all of these events took place approximately 6,000 years ago.

Schools, according to Shockley, use dinosaurs to indoctrinate children with lessons about evolution:

Realizing mom and dad couldnt not defend their religious beliefs, they ignorantly stumble into believing the theories of evolution and abandon their faith. Evolutionary doctrine on dinosaurs denies the Bible, creation, the existence of God and, by default, ultimately denies Jesus Christ is the son of God and our redeemer.

I will admit, its rather hard to argue with the variety of iron-clad dating methods used. Creationists love to pick on carbon-14 dating without realizing radiocarbon dating cant be used to date the strata dinosaur fossils are found in. Geologists and paleontologists use other methods, like uranium-lead dating or uranium-uranium dating, that creationists have never even heard of.

I empathize with the pastor, though. It must be difficult arguing with the basic laws of chemistry and reality itself.

Shockley admitted while the word dinosaur wasnt in scripture, the Book of Job was evidence The Flintstones is a historical documentary, and at least one creature described in Job was a fire-breathing dinosaur, or dragon.

The truth is, dinosaurs should be used as the poster child for creationism. And we have no problem harmonizing our faith with the Bible explanation of dinosaurs.

Just plug your ears, scream la-la-la, and eventually the truth will go away, right pastor?

Watch the video below:

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    • kenthefitter says:

      Please, wont someone think of the children, and make it stop?


    • george rodenbach says:

      On the news last night, a woman whose home had been destroyed by a tornado thanked the Lord for saving the family by their being out. Uh, would that be the same Lord that created the tornado that left you homeless? Or are they created by gay marriages?


    • alexander says:

      the utter stupidity of man just amazes me !!!!!


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