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Woman Accidentally Dislocates Her Jaw After Laughing Hard In Excitement During A Card Game

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Long train rides are no fun.

If you know youll be having a lengthy journey, its best to bring a few things to keep you occupied. Usually, I try to pass the time by reading a graphic novel, playing games on my phone, or browsing my social media feed. Other times, I bring my tablet along and catch up with a movie or TV show Ive missed. That often does the trick for me.

A couple from China recently went on a 28-hour train trip together as they traveled from Nanning to Qingdao City, Shandong. To battle boredom, they thought of playing a game of cards.

This woman accidentally dislocated her jaw during a card game with her husband.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 2

Photo credit: NextShark

The harmless game went terribly wrong, however, after Mrs. Qiao accidentally dislocated her jaw when she got too excited about the game.

After opening her mouth so wide, she heard her jaw pop and couldnt close it anymore.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 4

Photo credit: NextShark

According to her husband, she was laughing and screaming so hard after being dealt a good hand during their card game. She later noticed a pop in her jaw and immediately realized she couldnt close her mouth anymore and it felt awfully painful.

It took 2 hours of treatment before she was able to close her mouth again.

card-game-dislocated-jaw 3

Photo credit: NextShark

The husband quickly alerted the train staff about his wifes condition and the train sped to reach Guilin in the shortest possible time.

Upon reaching the city, medical personnel were already waiting and they immediately assessed the middle-aged womans condition. She was later brought to the local hospital and after 2 hours of treatment, her jaw was finally put back in place.

Now we know why its wiser to maintain a poker face while playing even when youre already winning!

H/T: NextShark

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