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WTF? MSNBC Just Interviewed Bundy Militia Guy Who Is Hiding From Feds Under Blue Tarp (VIDEO)

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at 2016.03.08
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MSNBC just had the weirdest interview of the entire Bundy Standoff.

A rebel rancher was found, hiding from the FBI under a blue tarp, with a gun.

You are probably wondering, Whats with the tarp? The short answer is nobody knows.

Watch the MSNBC Interview with Tarp Guy below:

About Tarp Guy:

  • His name is Lavoy Finicum. He is a rancher from Arizona.
  • He is 55 years old
  • He is a Mormon
  • He has 11 kids
  • He is sitting away from the main camp, because when the FBI comes for him he doesnt want them disturbing other people.
  • He has a gun under the tarp with him and told MSNBC that he will use his gun to resist them.
  • He isnt totally sure, but he thinks there is a warrant out for his arrest.
  • He said that he is ready to die rather than be arrested, and seemed to imply he would start shooting if law enforcement tries to take him away.
  • He is an armchair constitutional expert who thinks that the only valid part of it is the second amendment and the ones that deal with invading other countries.

Twitter quickly caught tarp guy, and the reaction was hilarious.

It officially took 2 days for the Bundy militia to jump the shark. This guy is now the living caricature of every militia movement in America.

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