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Your Jaw Will Drop With What This Speaking Cat Says During Bath Time!

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at 2015.12.18
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Cats are one of the most intelligent domesticated animals, and we love them! They arent just furry or cute, but they have become one of mans best companions.

However, unlike dogs, cats have this certain mystery to them. They have exceptional senses and they can survive even with less water. They are not as easy to please as dogs yet their expressions and reactions toward mans actions just plainly makes us wonder how smart these creatures are.

Unlike dogs who do everything to please their masters, it may seem cats do not put that much effort to make us love them. They just stare at us and purr, or sometimes play with us when they are in the mood, and it isnt really a weird fact.

But what would you say about a cat that can actually speak? We all know cats arent a fan of bath time, but how would you react to a cat that expresses what it feels with words?

Believe it or not, we found a video of a speaking cat saying no more! during bath time, and it will certainly make your jaw drop!

Watch this video:

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H/T: Rare.us

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