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Zealots Nuttier Than Ted Cruz Try To Give Him An Exorcism At A Campaign Event (VIDEO)

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at 2016.03.09
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Ted Cruz has promised repeatedly that he will bring God with him into the Oval Office. If hes elected hell make sure our constitution is observed from its Judeo-Christian origins. Jesus will have a hand in how America is governed in a Ted Cruz White House.

In other words, Ted Cruz is a zealot. His crusades would see the repeal of the evil Obamacare, which keeps precious souls from making it to heaven by curing the sick, appoint justices that would repeal Roe v Wade, giving Republicans more hungry children to complain about, and make sure all life is treated as sacred, unless youre on death row or live in a country he would carpet bomb to keep Gods REAL children, Americans who carry guns, safe.

Ted Cruz is a lunatic. It seems only fitting that a couple of fellow lunatics would show up at a campaign event to exorcise his demons. Unfortunately, they failed; the creature that keeps his face contorted into that punchable mess refused to leave willingly.

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Watch a couple of people as crazy as Ted Cruz try to cure Ted Cruz below:

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Featured image via screen capture

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